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Commercials Are the Culprit in TV-Obesity Link – Well Blog –

Commercials Are the Culprit in TV-Obesity Link – Well Blog –

Have you seen this commercial for KFC? It’s a heart attack waiting to happen. Maybe not so much waiting but call 911 now! I’ve always known that what we watch we tend to believe so is their a way to tune out commercials? No, because they are the backbone of television and without them there would be no programs. Even TV content on the web is now preceded by mandatory commercials. So let’s just turn off the TVs for a while and go for a walk!

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Get Yourself Moving!™

Get Yourself Moving!™.

Fitness Testing is it really worth it? I’ve been teaching and assessing kids my entire career to determine their strengths and weakness. But is all this testing really help my students in the long run?

Fitness tests that use criterion-referenced standards, such as FITNESSGRAM, encourage children to focus on their own health rather than compare themselves to others, thereby enhancing their motivation and self-confidence (Koebel et al., 1992).

It is not the scores necessarily that are of importance, but rather the process a child goes through as they participate in fitness testing (Hopple, 1992). Physical educators’ primary focus should be children’s perceptions of and attitudes toward physical fitness to create a positive fitness testing experience (Keating, 2003).

I think Fitness Gram and Presidential Challenge have their unique benefit for schools to collect data about overall health and fitness of its students. But the real challenge is to get your kids moving more and not be so worried about what percentage my child is compared to other kids. Parents open your eyes get your kids outside for and exercising. Take back are schools and demand more PE classes for our children – once or twice a week isn’t cutting it!

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VW Has the “Bug” for Staying Fit

In Chattanooga, Tennessee, Volkswagen is requiring all new production workers to go through a fitness program with the goal of creating a factory filled with “industrial athletes.” The program, which includes a 2-hour daily workout, gets the workers healthy and fit. One employee even said he dropped 30 pounds in the program, and can go up and down the stairs now without feeling winded!

While GYMB4 workouts are only 5 or 10 minutes, they do for elementary and pre-K students what Volkswagen is doing for their employees – getting, and keeping ’em healthy and fit, so they’re ready for the challenges of the day. Using it as part of an overall child health and fitness curriculum makes sense, just like VW’s program.

VW has workers get fit before hitting factory floor –

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