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Make Your Own Flavored Water

Here’s a quick, easy – and cheap! – way to make your own flavored water. I do this at home for my kids, and they love it! I’ve been able to replace the glasses of juice at the dinner table with glasses of water, and with no complaints! Make Your Own Flavored Water. Cheers!

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Healthier US School Challenge

HealthierUS School Challenge. The Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver has been very exciting, especially for us here in the United States. There’s a different type of competition going on that can help every child in every school win, if they participate. It’s called the Healthier US School Challenge, and they offer not 3 but 4 […]

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The Real Truth About Kids and “Flavored Water”

I’ve been thinking about this question for awhile: Should we allow our children to drink flavored water? This relatively new product is produced by the soda industry to capitalize on the health & fitness movement to increase their sales revenue. What exactly is flavored water, anyway? Sounds like it’s just water with some “flavor” added. […]

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