Get Yourself Moving!™

Thoughts on improving fitness, nutrition and learning for children and adults alike

About Us

Get Yourself Moving!™ is a blog on fitness, nutrition and education, with an emphasis on childhood issues. It is written by Dan and Patrice Walker of GYMB4, LLC, creators of GYMB4™ Exercise Videos for Children.

Patrice is the CEO of GYMB4, LLC. She is an award-winning Physical Educator with a Certification in Adapted Phys. Ed. Patrice graduated with a Bachelors in Education from Towson University and a Masters in Adapted P.E. from The Ohio State University. She teaches P.E. daily and uses the techniques she espouses.

Dan is President of GYMB4, LLC. He is also the Chief Creative Officer of – a multimedia consulting and production company.

Dan & Patrice live and work in the Annapolis, Maryland area.