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VW Has the “Bug” for Staying Fit

In Chattanooga, Tennessee, Volkswagen is requiring all new production workers to go through a fitness program with the goal of creating a factory filled with “industrial athletes.” The program, which includes a 2-hour daily workout, gets the workers healthy and fit. One employee even said he dropped 30 pounds in the program, and can go […]

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Cook Your Own Ketchup for Healthier Blend

You’d be surprised how much High Fructose Corn Syrup and salt you can find in something as simple as ketchup (or catsup). Both are not good for kids or adults, but the average American consumes more than 3 bottles of the stuff every year. Here is a recipe that’s easy, and healthy. Give it a […]

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Marbella: No one drinks for free – Baltimore Sun

If you live in a larger city with budget problems, you may have the same attitude as Jean Marbella of the Baltimore Sun. Last week, the Batlimore City Council succumbed to pressure from the Fat Cats – the BIG soda lobby groups, as well as grocery store owners, to table a measure to add a […]

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