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1950 to Today: What Changed?

I’ve seen these comparisons before, but thank you to Kentucky Educational Television for making them available. Think about this for a moment:

In 1950: Children walked to school.
Today: Children ride a bus to school or are driven by a parent.

In 1950: Family meals were eaten at the table.
Today:Meals are often fast food, often eaten in cars.

In 1950: Portion sizes were smaller.
Today: “Supersize me, please.”

In 1950: Physical environment included porches, sidewalks in neighborhoods.
Today: Most modern subdivisions have no porches, no sidewalks.

In 1950: No air conditioning forced kids to go outside for cool air.
Today: Air conditioning makes staying inside comfortable.

In 1950: Children played neighborhood games, rode bikes, exercised large muscles.
Today: Children play video games, use computers, watch TV, and use the remote to change channels.

In 1950: Parents didn’t worry as much when sending children outside to play.
Today: Parents and kids are apprehensive of playing outside.

In 1950: Physical education was a required class in school.
Today: Physical education is not always offered by schools.

In 1950: Athletes were expected to be smaller.
Today: Athletes are expected to be larger and bulkier.

In 1950: Intramural sports were available in school.
Today: Competitive sports may be the only ones offered in school.

In 1950: School food options were limited.
Today: Schools often have food courts, vending machines.

In 1950: Few organized after-school activities, more time to play after school.
Today: Frantic driving all over town to get to extracurricular activities, meals on the run.

In 1950: Moms were often at home.
Today: Moms are often in the workplace.

In 1950: Two-parent families were more common.
Today: Single-parent families are more common and are often strapped for time and money.

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