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Marbella: No one drinks for free – Baltimore Sun

If you live in a larger city with budget problems, you may have the same attitude as Jean Marbella of the Baltimore Sun.

Last week, the Batlimore City Council succumbed to pressure from the Fat Cats – the BIG soda lobby groups, as well as grocery store owners, to table a measure to add a 4-cent per bottle tax on sodas. These lobbyists even went so far as to convince the Council that it was regular people who didn’t want the tax. Sure, no one wants more taxes, but soda? 4 cents? What’s the complaint? Parents: This tax would be another reason to say “no” to letting your kids drink something that everyone KNOWS isn’t good for them.

Marbella writes:

“I know: 4 cents here and 4 cents there, and suddenly you’re talking real money. Too bad. Someone show me where you have the right to down all the high-fructose corn syrup-laden drinks you want, and to pump it into your kids as well — as cheaply as possible. Not when study after study has shown that these drinks contribute to the country’s rising obesity rate, especially among children, that all of us pay for in health care costs.”

That 4-cent a bottle tax could, over time, have easily saved every resident thousands of dollars in medical expenses. Do they know how much daily insulin injections cost?

Ironically, in the website where this article appears (link below) the Fat Cats bought Google ads for Gatorade and free soft drink coupons. No shame.

Marbella: No one drinks for free – Baltimore Sun.

Tue, May 25 2010 » Everything Else

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