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The longest block…

One day, my daughter and I were going to a school function in the evening. Because her school has limited parking, many families had to park off-campus and walk the rest of the way to the school. To be honest, we could have walked the entire way, but like many busy families we were running late and I didn’t set aside the 20 minutes it would take us to walk from home.

We found a parking spot on the street within site of the school, about a block away. Another family parked at the same time just ahead of us, and two children got out of the van with their mother. The children were not in shape, and were obviously not happy about not being delivered to the front door of the school like Hollywood stars on Oscar night. We were walking right behind them, so we could not help but hear the desperate conversation the children had with their mom:

Child: “Mom, this is too far!”

Mom: “No it’s not, honey.”

Child (huffing): “I’m thirsty! I need a Dr. Pepper.”

Mom: “You can get some water when we get in the school.”

Child (begging to go back and drive up): “I can’t do this. It’s too far.”

Mom: “Yes you can. You need the exercise.”

That mother was doing the right thing. It’s too easy to give in to children’s demands, especially when the kids know exactly which of the parent’s buttons to push to get their way. This mom calmly held her ground and kept moving. Congratulations, Mom!

Thu, March 25 2010 » Everything Else, Reversing Childhood Obsesity, Thinking (and Moving) Outside The Box

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